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We are one of the many mosquito fogging companies in Malaysia, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors by ensuring that we provide the best for our customers. Prior to providing you with mosquito fogging service, our foggers will inspect your premises beforehand. Prior to carrying out mosquito fogging service, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration: 

1. Wind Condition

It is critical to fog when there is a little breeze or, better yet, when there is none at all. Because fog particles are so minute and can be quickly displaced by a tiny wind gust, low wind conditions are critical for successful fogging. Low wind or windless weather allows the fog to remain in the fogged region for a longer amount of time, resulting in more killed mosquitoes and repelling mosquitoes from the area for an extended period of time.

2. Best Time To Fog

When mosquito activity is at its peak, fogging is most effective. Most mosquitoes are active in the evenings, with only a few species active during the day. Mosquitoes, in general, dislike sunshine and seek shaded spots to hide during the day. Hence why mosquito fogging companies carry out fogging in the evening.

Know More About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes cause over 80,000 dengue cases with about 170 deaths per year in Malaysia alone. Mosquitoes are regarded as annoying pests which cause red, itchy marks on our skins through their bites. These insects may be tiny, but they are clearly public enemy number one. Mosquito infestation can become a serious matter when they spread mosquito-borne diseases through that one nasty bite. Mosquitoes carry many harmful viruses and bacteria and are responsible for spreading many diseases such as dengue, malaria and zika.

Mosquitoes Control

Our mosquito control programs are designed to target each and every stage of the mosquito life cycle and make sure the population is under control. Each of our solutions has been proven to be effective at managing and controlling mosquito infestations both indoors and outdoors, providing a defence line for customer premises.

Thermal Fogging and Lavaciding

Our thermal fogging and larviciding solutions are proven effective and the right timing of treatment can reduce the population of mosquitoes at the external perimeter of the premise. Through routine treatment, we can ensure your mosquito infestation is controlled.

ULV ( Ultra Low Volume) Misting

The Ultra Low Volume (ULV) and MistingĂ‚ utilize water droplets mixed with pesticide to treat mosquitoes that present at your premise. It is effective for large areas where mosquito breeding ground is hard to detect. It is a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly solution that is safe for both homes and businesses.

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