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The "License-To-Kill"

Our story began in 2007. LicentokiL was founded by a group of enthusiastic to serve and solve community pest control problems.

With professional and precision methodology from our technician group, LicentokiL improves lives by providing quality facility services that meet high standards with prompt action to our customers.


Our Story

Today, LicentokiL has 6 branches across Malaysia with over 200 employees, serving thousands of customers nationwide. We provide a wide range of services throughout areas of Selangor, KL, KK, Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri. With localized service, LicentokiL understands your needs for pest control.

We can reach you in the fastest time possible as we understand the frustration and the damage that occurs when problems arise. Therefore, FAST RESPONSE is our key to customer satisfaction.



To be the most valued Service Company to customers, co-workers, business partners and the communities in Pest Control and Environmental Hygiene


We strive to become the most preferred and admired Pest Control and Environmental Hygiene company locally. Through innovative technology and excellent service quality, we seek to create sustainable growth for new and existing businesses.


QUALITY - We place high standards on our services to deliver customers' expectations and satisfaction
RELIABILITY - We build a supportive company culture to manage customers' expectations preemptively
DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY - We continuously embark on the best digital platform to improve the working efficiency
CREATIVELY - We practice customer-centricity by adopting new approaches to service and products to ensure a constant focus on serving the need of customers
TEAMWORK - With our concept 1 LicentokiL, we achieve success together as a TEAM:
T - Together
E - Everyone
A - Achieves
M - Miracles
INTEGRITY - We cultivate strict adherence to a subscribed more code, reflected in transparent, honest and complete harmony TRUST - We build an interconnecting environment where employees and the company can share a rich, fulfilling a positive work-life experience

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