Malaysia's most common form of sewerage system is the individual septic tank. Premises with a proper individual septic tank has 3 to 4 rectangular metal covers and is usually located outside the premises compound either at the side, rear or front.
Individual septic tanks have two main chambers. The first chamber is where solids from sewage will be forming ‘sludge’, while grease and oil will form a layer of scum on the surface. Effluent between the layers of scum and sludge will flow to the second chamber and subsequently be discharged into drains or be absorbed into the soil.

Desludging Services

Actually, the Individual Septic Tank (IST) should be desludged regularly every two years. The room provided in individual septic tanks can only accommodate sludge and scum up to two years. Hence, if an individual septic tank has not been emptied in the last two years, it might cause the overflowing of sludge. The overflowing sludge will be flowing together with effluent into drains and eventually pollute a nearby river.

Regular desludging is important for preserving the environment, protecting water resources and maintaining good health. This is because untreated sewage contains pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and parasites at very high content. The pollutants contained in the waste water caused the unpleasant odours and turned the colour of the river to black.

Long-term exposure to untreated sewage water can cause a person to suffer from health problems, such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and Hepatitis A. Besides, the discharge of untreated sewage water may affect aquatic life in the river. Indirectly, such contamination can also affect the socio-economic activities of the surrounding area due to the unbearable stench.

Therefore, it is very important for every individual septic tank to be emptied regularly to ensure the well-being of the surrounding communities, and thus preserve the environment. As responsible consumers, we need to take our responsibility to desludge our septic tanks.

Water Jetting Services

One way to ensure that your plumbing system, drains, water lines and sewer lines function normally is by performing regular preventative maintenance. Otherwise, the grease, soap, minerals, food and other materials that regularly travel though your pipes will gradually build up and form deposits that could lead to a clog and potentially even cause a sewer backup. One way to remove any built-up residue in your pipes and sewer lines is by using a water jet. At Licentokil, we provide high-pressure water jetting that eliminates your drainage and sewage pipeline problems quickly, safely and effectively. 

A water jetter consists of a motor attached to a tank of water. A long hose connects to the water tank, and the other end of the hose is fitted to a nozzle designed to fit inside your pipes.This is because obstructions in your drainage systems can cause serious problems, including sluggish performance, overflows, splitting pipes or even total failure. 

Sample of blocked drain: Before vs After

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