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Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites live under the soil where they have natural protection against the dehydrating effects of direct sunlight. They feed on cellulose, which is found in wood. Dead branches, leaves, tree trunks and roots, and construction debris are the normal sources of food above the soil and below its surface. In the natural world, termites play an essential part in the cycle of the breakdown of timber and in the rejuvenation of forests. However, it is when they invade human habitation (i.e. your property) that they become unwanted guests and firm action must be taken quickly. Subterranean termites penetrate human habitation through minute cracks in joints and imperfections in the brickwork. Where they have to move in exposed situations, they build humidity-controlled mud tubes and tunnels.


Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment

The main objective of the treatment is to create a chemical Treated Zone under the built-up area of the property. This treated zone is odourless, so subterranean termites cannot detect it.  When subterranean termites enter this Treated Zone, they are killed and your property remains intact.


The treated zone of up to 40mm thick around the perimeter ground beams and columns of the building. In order to reach the soil under the slab-on-ground building, it is necessary to drill holes through the slab to inject germicidal fluid. Drilling is accomplished by a heavy-duty rotary hammer drilling hole through the slab to inject germicidal fluid. The holes are drilled just over 150mm from the vertical wall and these holes are spaced 300mm apart.


5 litres of termiticide at the correct concentration will be injected under pressure into each hole so drilled.

After injection, the drilled holes will be patched back either with a cement mix or some other similar suitable material and then coloured to match the general appearance of the surface.

Anti Termite Treatment Malaysia

Licentokil is a termite treatment company in Malaysia. One of the most efficient anti-termite treatments for comprehensive termite control is liquid termiticide. Our Licentokil Liquid Termiticide Treatment offers a comprehensive defence against termite outbreaks on your property, and our skilled service professionals and service package warranty is up to 8 years, so you can relax. This treatment is suitable for both pre-renovated and post-renovated houses.

The anti-termite treatment Malaysia-based is done by drilling holes and pumping the liquid into the ground, the liquid termiticide is administered around the perimeter of your property. This forms a barrier around your property, separating it from the soil. Subterranean termites are exposed to termiticide as they burrow across treated zones in search of food. The infected termites will then physically transmit the termiticide to other termites, thereby lowering the population and reaching colony control. As a termite control company in Malaysia, we offer safe and effective termite treatments to safeguard your house and family from termite harm. Furthermore, not only are all of our service professionals trained and well-equipped to provide you with the finest possible service, but we also guarantee the efficiency of our anti-termite treatment Malaysia-based as per service packages to provide our customers with greater peace of mind. Choose Licentokil as your termite treatment company in Malaysia today.

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