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Licentokil Termite Bait

We provide the best termite baiting system Malaysia, which is suitable for a variety of purposes and budgets. Our products are simple to install, safe for both people and pets and will keep termites at bay for years after they are installed. Licentokil's termite baiting system Malaysia has indeed been proven to be one of the most successful and safest methods of eliminating termites in your home without the use of dangerous chemicals or pesticides.

Why Should You Use Our Termite Baiting Services?

Solutions That Work

Licentokil has an effective and planned approach for eliminating the termite queen and any infestation problems. Our professionals are trained to handle termites in a safe manner, and they will never employ a ‘one size fits all approach with your house or company. We carefully inspect your property before determining which sort of treatment will be most effective for you. We also provide long-term remedies that affect even termites with tough skin. Because it is less invasive compared to full-fledged extermination, the installation process is worry-free.

Years of Expertise

We have years of termite removal experience. We specialise in early termite identification and are convinced that you will see a reduction in termites within the first three months. Our average pest technician has at least five years of experience with baiting operations, thus we say years of experience and knowledge! Not only have they seen almost everything before, but they've also learnt how to do things better while dealing with your termite infestation! Because of our experienced team of specialists, we take pleasure in never taking corners or being anything but honest with you.

Price Points That Are Reasonable

Because we understand how upsetting it can be to cope with a whole colony, Licentokil offers a lesser cost termite baiting treatment. We make certain that you understand all about our service prior to making a decision and will walk you through every stage of the process. We offer affordable termite baiting systems for Malaysian homes and businesses as we want to protect your property without breaking the bank. You won't have to fret about the termite queen bothering you or fresh swarmers because our economical offer will properly destroy these insects!

What are the types of termite baiting system in Malaysia?

Termite baiting is divided into two types: liquid bait and paste bait, both of which target a termite colony. Liquid baits are easier to administer and require less intervention from the operator, whereas paste baits require some preparation before use. In most circumstances, liquid termite bait treatment is more efficient in terms of providing a speedy reaction, but it might be problematic when there is rain or other adverse conditions that would render it ineffective or defective. Paste germicide treatments, on the other hand, require more time to be effective, but with prolonged contact, they provide better kill rates as well as long-term protection from moulds and fungus, which can impact pastes due to their liquid carrier ingredient diluting with time.

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