How to identify sign of Rats 

Rats dropping or bite marks on wood or plastic are sure signs of rats. Rats can cause food contamination, spread deadly diseases with its urine and property damage by chewing electrical wires which can cause fires. 


Rats Control

1st  Intensive Treatment

This service aims to immediately bring down the existing rats population. It aims at eradication, as we are dealing with a pest that has vast reproductive capability.

Whereas 90% kill rate is achieved by conventional pest controllers, a 10 % residual population of pests can regenerate itself to its original size within a few months.

2nd Treatment onwards : Follow Up treatment (Service)

After an intensive treatment, rats numbers and feeding will decline, and surveillance of stations will only be necessary every months or so. If the bait becomes moldy, musty, soiled, or insect-infested, empty the bait station, clean it, and refill it with fresh bait. 

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