Commercial Pest Control Service

Welcome to Licentokil Professional Pest Control Division. In this division, we provide wide range of pest control services to solve your pest problem with customize and affordable cost.

Where do your need pest control services?


Are you facing problems with pests at your working premise?

Are you running out of ideas on how to exterminate the annoying pest?  

Is pest causing damage and loss of money to your business?


If the answer is YES, then LicentokiL Pest Control is the right choice for your pest control solution because we have License-To-Kill Pest.

With our professional team that have experience dealing with pest problem for more than 10 years, we are confident that we can provide the best solution for your business in various sectors.


Increasing public awareness of food quality and safety had caused the food & beverage (F&B) sector to take serious attention to premise hygiene and pest control establishments. The risk of food contamination and unpleasant dining experiences will affect the reputation of the F & B outlet if pests were sighted within the premise perimeter.

Introducing LicentokiL HACCP Packages that focus on targeting pest infestation in outlet and food processing factories.

For sectors other that than, welcome to our Integrated Pest Management Program that customize for your business needs.

Commercial Pest Control Service

Licentokil offers complete commercial pest control services for single and multi-site organisations. Rentokil provides the experience and understanding to safeguard your business and your clients against pests, from production plants to eateries to warehouses and office spaces. We are pest experts who understand how to address pest problems in a variety of industries.

Clean Working Environment

Even a minor insect infestation can have a significant impact on your brand's reputation and financial line. Every sector faces different pest threats, which is why we communicate with you to develop a customised, expert solution to prevent pest problems from arising. Our pest removal and control programmes are targeted to safeguard your business and customers from pest-related problems and diseases. We ensure the highest standards are maintained through pest prevention, early detection, and innovative solutions. 

How Can I Locate the Best Pest Control Service

You should choose a business that specialises in the sort of pest that is affecting you, such as Licentokil! We can say this confidently because our expert team is well-versed in both residential and commercial pest treatment, as well as any pest that may be bugging you!

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