Office Sanitation Service

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Our aim is to make your workplace and washrooms a more pleasant place for staff and visitors alike. Whether it's a single Sanitary Bin Service, or Feminine Hygiene Units, Air Fresheners, and Entrance Mats, Licentokil Hygiene Services are your Solution. We aren't dictated to by corporate demands, so are able to source the best, most cost-effective, reliable and innovative products to give you the service that you demand, that fulfils your duty of care and exceeds your expectations!



Washrooms are a breeding ground for germs. Your staff and customers are entitled to sanitary restrooms. Your restroom is as important to your business as your conference room, sales area, or dining room. Licentokil Hygiene specializes in washroom hygiene services and waste removal. Licentokil is committed to delivering washroom sanitation services that ensure that your office restrooms are always clean and sanitary. Germs linger around on surfaces, more so on surfaces that are often touched by multiple people. For example, taps, tables, pantry area and chairs. You can count on Licentokil to provide you with the best office sanitation service. Our team of professionals will assess your premise before providing you with suggestions. We cater for many types of business, including hotels, office buildings, schools and airports over a wide area whatever you need, we can deliver!



Take a look at the comprehensive list of products and services that Licentokil Hygiene offers including sanitary and nappy disposal, air fresheners, dust control mats, soap dispensers, toilet roll dispensers and more.





Many people spend 40 hours a week behind their desks at work. Workplaces can often be extremely stagnant, stuffy and stale environments. Having to breathe the same office hour for eight hours a day can be extremely taxing, especially in offices that have a lot of workers. Because of these factors, there are various benefits to using an air fresheners in the workplace.




Using air fresheners at work can have hygienic benefits. There are various air fresheners available at Licentokil that are designed to destroy viruses, germs and microorganisms. For sanitation purposes, these types of air fresheners are particularly beneficial for use in workplace restrooms and community kitchen areas.



Air fresheners that have aromatherapy scents can be helpful--particularly in workplaces that have tense or stressful atmospheres.