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We eliminate all types of pests,  guaranteed,  by using the most cutting-edge products and technology on the market. Our professionals tackle colony-level problems and can even predict local pest behaviour based on climate and weather patterns. And, with the ability to schedule inspections and purchase services online, it's easier than ever to get rid of your pest problem. We approach our customers as if they are family, gaining their trust via regular communication and exceptional customer service. With board and associate-certified practitioners on staff, as well as cutting-edge training programmes and facilities, you can be confident that we will eliminate your pest problem, guaranteed.

Why should Licentokil be your chosen home pest control service provider?

    1. Service based on your schedule.

    We work around your schedule, not the other way around, thanks to online appointment and account management, 24/7 customer service, and on-the-way SMS alerts.

    2. Inspection Done Right

    The pest exterminators sent by Licentokil will conduct an inspection before starting the treatment. This is done so to identify the colony and nesting spot of the pests.

    3. Treatment strategies that are tailored to the problem.

    We'll explain your pest infestation problem in layman's terms and work with you to create your own unique solution to eliminate your pests and keep them from returning, 365 days a year.

    4. Your pest-free providers.

    You can unwind after we begin treatment. We guarantee that we will get rid of your bugs and keep them from returning.

    Is your house infested with pests and they are taking away your peace of mind? Contact us at Licentokil today. We ensure to provide top-notch home pest control service.

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