Specialist Disinfection Services


COVID-19 is one of the terms most frequently mentioned and feared worldwide in the Year 2020. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 had triggered the worrying public to stay and be more concerned about health and hygiene.


Prevention is better than cure, the phase that we could emphasize more when it comes to airborne, viral and communicable diseases. An infected person can have life-threatening complications and the symptom of the disease tend to be detected late. However, there are ways to prevent you and the people you care about from getting these deadly diseases.

It is recommended to treat your premise with a thorough disinfection service by a trusted professional team since the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) had a requirement to regularly sanitise common touchpoints with disinfectants such as sodium hydrochloride and other off-shelf antibacterial sprays. A proper disinfection treatment can sanitise your property effectively and reduce the risk of virus transmission, especially in high traffic areas.


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Professional Disinfection Services

People commonly cough and sneeze into their hands or touch their mouth or nose, allowing germs to spread to everything they contact. When people touch a contaminated surface, the virus spreads and they become sick when they touch their mouth, nose, or eyes. We provide specialist disinfection services. Our specialist disinfection technicians are specially trained individuals that manually clean and disinfect the site using specialised equipment such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and an approved high-level surface disinfectant. They will walk through the polluted rooms and regions, cleaning all of the main touchpoints and surfaces in a systematic manner.

Protect Yourself and The People Around You

Body fluid polluted areas, such as blood, urine, vomit, or human faeces, will require specialised cleaning. These fluids can penetrate through porous materials and regions that are difficult for those who do not have specialised knowledge to detect. Normal cleaning methods are unlikely to guarantee disinfection. Cleaning and sanitising surfaces and items are critical in protecting individuals from COVID-19. It's crucial in restoring a site to safe use once an infected individual has visited.

You may have regular cleaners, but controlling a highly infectious virus that is causing a pandemic demands specialised disinfection services and control methods that only a professional service can deliver. Cleaning and disinfecting are critical steps for building managers to do in order to make places affected by the coronavirus safe and swiftly return them to normal use. Specialist disinfection services have the expertise, tools, and products needed to disinfect spaces and return them to use as soon as feasible.


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