Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in Malaysia. Cockroaches are frequently found in homes and business premises. They are usually active during the night and hide during the day in places where food and water are easily available.

Cockroaches are difficult to get rid of and they can breed rapidly. Professionals inspection will help identify the location of cockroaches’ infestation originate and ensure that the most effective solution is being carried out by the trained technician.

Cockroaches Control


1st Line Protection – External Zone

Deploying residual systematic pesticide application along exterior perimeter of the building, this will control or stop pest to invade into the premises.


2nd Line Protection – Internal Zone

Residual systematic pesticide application will be conducted along site for internal perimeter. Odorless pesticide will be used during treatment as internal area is sensitive to odor.

When insects are located, residual insecticides will be applied to those hot spot and create a internal 2nd defense line for the premise.

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