Ants are incredibly intelligent creatures that have the capability to cause a nuisance to your home although may be tiny and harmless at sight.

With their strong survival instincts, ant colonies can be very difficult to control once inside your building and it can pose as a greater challenge as they are always crawling around. Besides that, they are capable of entering through the tiniest openings and nest out of sight in walls, storage rooms, and the landscaping surrounding a building.

Ants Control

 1st Line Protection – External Zone

Deploying residual systematic pesticide application along exterior perimeter of the building, this will control or stop pest to invade into the premises.


2nd Line Protection – Internal Zone

Residual systematic pesticide application will be conducted along site for internal perimeter. Odorless pesticide will be used during treatment as internal area is sensitive to odor.

When insects are located, residual insecticides will be applied to those hot spot and create a internal 2nd defense line for the premise.

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